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Enonkishu Conservancy

Mara Serengeti Ecosystem, Kenya

Enonkishu Conservancy is committed to sustainable rangeland management that allows space and resources for all people, cattle, and wildlife. 

It is a locally led initiative employing a triple bottom line approach: People (Social-Community) through local leadership and engagement and maintaining Maasai heritage and traditional values of pastoralists, Profit (Economics-Business) by enabling partnerships and improving livelihoods, and Planet (Land, Water, Wildlife) through Regenerative Grazing that protects livestock, wildlife and their habitats with Holistic Management (HM) as the basis of the initiative. 

All components are interlinked and have an adaptive management style of thinking that uses a learning by doing culture within the conservancy.

This training is carried out at the Mara Training Centre, a 6,000 acre facility on Enonkishu Conservancy that is used as a community-owned demonstration site for Regenerative Grazing.