To Which We Belong
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Anderson Ranch

Livingston, Montana

The Andersons are a multi-generation ranching family long established in the Tom Miner Basin, the grizzly bear corridor near Yellowstone National Park’s northern boundary.

Malou Anderson-Ramirez works with her family to raise cattle in an area where both wolves and grizzlies make their home. Rather than dominate nature, the Andersons work to prevent predation of livestock by coexisting more harmoniously with wildlife. 

Malou has implemented holistic regenerative grazing management so that these grasslands become more abundant and draw down more carbon into the soil.  

In 2012 Anderson-Ramirez and her sister-in-law Hilary Anderson formed the Tom Miner Association to promote “shared landscapes” — where livestock and predators co-exist to protect ecosystems. The Association takes the form of four programs: range riding (where they follow the cattle on horseback and encourage the herd to bunch together as protection from predators); portable electric fences and fladry (a red flag in the shape of a human to keep predators away from calves); carcass management; and wildlife tracking. 

These efforts have resulted in 100% fewer losses of livestock while preserving the wildlife corridors and food sources.